Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, President, UMBC - Keynote Speaker, iStrategy Data Warehousing User Conference

The University of Maryland - Baltimore County (UMBC), under the leadership of UMBC President Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, has become one of America's most innovative and respected universities. Dr. Hrabowski, speaking at the iStrategy (now Blackboard Analytics) User Conference, discussed how using iStrategy for data-informed decision making helps drive UMBC's culture of innovation, collaboration and student success.

I shot the video recording on my own with a simple video camcorder and a wireless mic and made major post-production edits using Camtasia. As Dr. Hrabowski touches upon several topics essential for student success, the impact and value of this video goes up dramatically from Wistia annotations and call to action functionality.

As an aside, meeting Dr. Hrabowski in person was the highlight of my work for Blackboard Analytics/iStrategy. I invite you to check out this CBS 60 Minutes profile of this exceptional gentleman.

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